My Deck of a Day

They came early in the morning. Daniel and Heather first with their family in tow. They unloaded tools and got right to work. Shortly after, Kelly and Dan came with their three kids. Before I could blink, my back yard was in the process of a major transformation.

We can’t help ourselves. It’s what we do, we build stuff. It’s in my children’s blood. They
grew up in the sawdust of their father’s latest project. They have no memory of a time when he wasn’t building something. They learned it all in his shadow. He loved having them by his side.

We all have a fondness for the smell of lumber. The whine of power tools connects the dots of fond memories. To us, a new project is more exciting than Christmas.

It’s the one thing Tim and I did best – we taught our children to work together. That a family is a team. And by combining our strength, we could do big things.

So that day, I stood by in awe at the talent of my children. I watched new father’s introduce my grandchildren to the same things. I saw mother’s encouraging their sons and daughters to work hard. I saw my family once again, accomplish a big thing. I call it my “deck of a day.”

For in less than eight hours, they had transformed a space of nothing…

into my little bit of paradise…

They made an unusable area a place where I can garden.

But most of all, they did this mama’s heart good. By working together and using the skills learned as children, they trained the next generation to to be good craftsmen of the gifts God gave them.

So in the early mornings hours, when I sit on my deck and read, I’ll soak in the memories of my “deck of a day.” I’ll work hard at counting my Godly blessings, while pushing aside those that add no value to my life. One of those will be the knowledge that no matter where my children are, they carry with them this legacy. It was born from their earliest childhoods, and I’m sure they’ll pass it on.



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