Hey, Mr. Bloomberg, You’re Not Even Close

As Christians around the world prepare for Holy Week, former New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, after telling a reporter about the millions he’s getting ready to donate to gun control, made this observation,

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.“I am telling you, if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.”

The quote was so bizarre I googled it just to make sure it was true. I found the reporters explanation from the original New York Times article,

“Mr. Bloomberg was introspective as he spoke, and seemed both restless and wistful. When he sat down for the interview, it was a few days before his 50th college reunion. His mortality has started dawning on him, at 72. And he admitted he was a bit taken aback by how many of his former classmates had been appearing in the “in memoriam” pages of his school newsletter. But if he senses that he may not have as much time left as he would like, he has little doubt about what would await him at a Judgment Day. Pointing to his work on gun safety, obesity and smoking cessation.”

I don’t know how Bloomberg earned his money. And I’m certain he worked hard for it. And he apparently has given a lot of it away to the causes he feels are important.

Now, If I’d read this at any other time of the year, I would have shook my head and moved on. But I read it after listening over and over to the Leeland song Via Dolorosa. And these words were fresh on my heart,

He traded His crown for a crown of thorns
He picked up His cross and laid down His sword
He stumbled down the road, bruised and beaten for me
Jesus walked the way of grief, Hallelujah
On the Via Dolorosa
All my sin was carried away
And the power of Hell was broken
As He gave His life away

Jesus had it all. And He gave it all for me. I’m sorry Mr. Bloomberg, you’re not even close.

I’m so glad I don’t have to compete with the generosity of Mr. Bloomberg. And as I reflect on this most holy time of year, I’m once again humbled by how little Jesus asks of me. And by how much He gave to save me from my sin.

And I pray Mr. Bloomberg finds his way to the cross.



  1. So wonderfully said and I will just pray for his lost soul, as I would be lost if I hadn’t given this broken life to Christ. Jesus did it all! All to HIM I owe. He left a crimson stain and washed me white as snow! Need I say more!


  2. Ellen Gee,

    Hi, I’m hopping over from Ann’s link up to count gifts with you. I hadn’t heard that quote, but it reminds me of how often we can all get sucked into thinking we can earn God’s favor or earn heaven. I’m so thankful that I can agree with God about my brokenness, and thank him for his death on the cross. Humbling, huh?

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan


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