The Simplest Things

My friend posted a picture of her husband on facebook. An insignificant picture. He’s standing, looking off in the distance, in what looks like a driveway. She wrote underneath “Oh to be in that moment again.” He died a few months ago. I share in her grief. I understand what she means. You long for the return of the simplest things.
It’s a message passed down through the ages. “Life is short, cherish it.” Few of us fully grasp it’s meaning until many of our moments are gone.
Time is a thief. It steals from us when we’re not looking. It takes work to not let it happen. We must be intentional in how we live our lives.

I cherish this memory. On many a vacation, Tim was up first. On this one he gathered the grandkids. Rigged up their fishing poles. And shared his passion and wisdom for gathering food. I got to glimpse it. I ran back in the tent for my camera. The fullness of the memory, the moist air, the cool breeze, the quiet chatter, all are embedded deep in my heart.

I long for eternity. The promised restoration of the life God intended us to live. The life that Jesus bought for us on the cross. The chance to reunite with those we love.
Oh for the opportunity to never again miss a moment. For time will no longer be able to rob us of anything.

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