Betty White

I seem to be one of the few women my age who’s not the least bit impressed with Betty White. Maybe I’m an old soul, but I like the idea of older women and men acting their age. Kind of the way my grandparents did.
In this picture my grandfather is in his sixties. Thirty years younger than Betty White and around the same age Mick Jagger is now.
About four years ago, I sat with a group of friends watching The Who perform their 60’s hit, Pinball Wizard, at the Super Bowel half time show. All I could think of was what if my grandfather was up on that stage prancing around.
Having been an eyewitness to the sixties, even as a kid, I wondered what the rock stars would do when they got old. I wondered if Paul McCartney would join an orchestra. Or Mick Jagger a choir.  I never imagined they’d still be up on a stage strutting their stuff.

But watching Betty White spew out a stream of sexual innuendo unsettles me. Watching her hang all over men a forth her age really gets on my last nerve. She’s over 90 years old. Is that all she has to offer?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think a lot of young men and women today are longing for the baby boomers to grow up. I even hesitate to type those words. But I think it’s true.

In the past few months several young women have asked me to write this. They told me how they long for good role models. They want to pick our brains for advice on staying married, raising teenagers, and getting old.

But they also said, the baby boomers are still too busy. Still in pursuit of “me” time. That we’re still trying to rock and roll.

We can’t stop it. We’re getting old. But it doesn’t mean our lives diminish. God still has big things for us to do. But He did tell us to put away the childish things.

Now don’t get me wrong, I want to stay young at heart. I want to continue to do many of the things I’ve always done. But I also want to mature. I want to act and dress my age. Must our pursuit of eternal youth so obsesses us that we leave young women and men behind?
Maybe it is time for the baby boomers to get off the stage. Maybe it’s time for us to take our seat in the audience, and just enjoy the show.


  1. Awesome and Amen! I saw Betty on TV at a roast roasting someone else and it was so vulgar, I turned it off.
    I guess it is time we think of ourselves as role models and act the part.


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